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I hope you have seen making anime videos using 2D cartoon characters. Have you seen making videos that give advice to society, funny videos, or memes using 2D characters? I know you have definitely seen. You might be thinking that these kinds of videos are made using powerful PC Software but do you ever know that you can make these 2D anime videos from your phone very easily? No? Okay, let’s talk about an application which helps you to do this stuff very easily. 


This most famous app name is ToonHive – Cartoon Animator. Using this application, you can make cartoon characters, 2D Anime videos, or whatever doubtlessly. So, you don’t need this PC Software or High performance PCs to fulfill this task. You have ToonHive. 

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More about ToonHive – Cartoon Animator

This is an advanced anime creating an application that provides its users with a wide range of inbuilt features. There’s no advance and complex interface. You can easily understand the application and work with it. Even a little kid can draw 2D drawings and make a nice, creative anime video.

ToonHive helps its users to edit the video according to their preferences. You can use beautiful backgrounds, filters, effects, and many more when you are editing it. It provides the chance to its users to show up their creativity to the world.

Features of ToonHive

You can manage video frames such as the speed, adding texts, images, etc. You can also set the time to run the frame.

You can add backgrounds to your anime video. You can separately add backgrounds to the frames. If you think that any frame does not need any background, you are all free to keep it as it is. After adding a background, you can place 2D anime characters you have already designed. 

ToonHive provides you the facility to add different kinds of layers. There are numerous kinds of blending modes you can use for the layers. You can also change its opacity and draw on them.

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ToonHive Tool Box

ToonHive provides you a toolbox that you can do many tasks using it. There are many tools that will be needed when drawing 2D characters. There are images, icons that have been drawn previously, such as vehicles, Furniture, Animals, Chairs, Desks, and houses. You can use these images to make your 2D Anime more creative and attractive. You can pick and paste these characters according to your image. There are many images like this, so I hope you will find any of the images that match to your anime video.

There’s a beautiful 2D background collection in this ToonHive cartoon creator. There are voice clips and sound clips that match 2D animations. You can freely access them. There are creative sound clips such as bossy beats, thundering sounds, water impact, breezy beats, etc. You can also add your own voice clips to your anime videos. You can add voice filters to your anime videos that match a cartoon character. ToonHive provides creative filters such as mouse voice, giant voice, etc.

Another facility ToonHive offers you is to use the music and songs in your gallery to create anime videos.


ToonHive is a fantastic application to create 2D anime characters and anime videos. ToonHive is offered by Ducky Apps and has officially released on the 4th of November 2017. ToonHive – Cartoon animator has over 100 thousand user downloads. With its special features, users can create way more exciting videos. After downloading and installing the application, you should permit access to certain areas in your device such as Cameras, Contacts, Microphone, Telephone, Storage, and others. You can also disable the access permissions from settings, but it’s better to permit access since you can get the best advantages by giving permission. So, try and see.

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