How to use Flipaclip APP correctly [Full Tutorial]

Flipaclip is the best way to give life to your dream drawings. This is one of the most popular entertaining applications to create animations. For your android smartphone, for your iPhone or iPad, for your PC now you can freely download flipaclip, the process is completely free and reliable. 

How to use flipaclip

Flipaclip is a user-friendly mobile application and, users can easily use it with their PC devices using an emulator. Using this amazing application now it is possible to design your dream drawing- artificial intelligence. Finally, you can easily create your dream animation video using this flipaclip application. Flipaclip is not just a simple tool. It includes a package of multiple tools to design several cartoon animations. 

Animation creating with flipaclip

Now it is possible to create plenty of animations using your mobile phone or PC with the help of flipaclip. This is especially for users who are getting interested in creating cartoon characters, give life to them, creating videos, and many more. Flipaclip is freely available for your android smartphone, iPhone, or iPad, tablet, or even now for your PC. it is possible to directly download flipaclip for your smartphone from the internet and the entire process is completely free. It is easy to update flipaclip latest versions and, it is essential to update the latest version as the new version includes plenty of new facilities. 

Flipaclip free for Android and iOS 

Download Now

For your smart android device here you can directly download the latest flipaclip apk file. Select a reliable download link and, then you can directly download it for your smart android device. Here you have to enable your device unknown source option. Then you can continue the installation. If you are an iOS user, you have to select the flipaclip IPA file. 

Flipaclip download for windows and Mac operating system versions 

Not only for your mobile operating system, here you can easily download Flipaclip for your PC as well. Now it is available for most of the Windows operating system versions, as well as Mac operating systems. Here the process is completely free and reliable. But if you download flipaclip for PC, you have to use a mobile emulator app. So download a supported mobile emulator for your PC and, then using it you can easily download flipaclip for PC. 

The main purpose to use flipaclip is to create animations, cartoon characters, and give life to your own dreaming drawings. Using flipaclip, now you can easily create several videos and, this is a wonderful opportunity for users. Flipaclip is the most recommended and professional solution to create cartoons and animations. So this was recommended as an excellent tool to design your animation with a professional-grade. 

How to use flipaclip

Let’s create animations using Flipaclip

Flipaclip is a free application for animation designing. Using it you can create awesome animations. But before going to create animations using flipaclip you have to download and install flipaclip latest version. Then you can easily begin the animation crating process. If you are a mobile user or a PC user, go through the above download section to get an idea about download flipaclip free. 

Now the process is simple. Here you can easily create animations by following four steps. Now you can follow the below steps to create animations using flipaclip. 

Step 01. You have to download and install flipaclip latest version. 

Step 02. Open the downloaded flipaclip app. Then you have to set up it. For that, tap on the red color plus (+) button. It is in the right corner. 

Here you have to,

  • Name the animation
  • Then select a background
  • Select a supported size to your canvas
  • Set frames per second (fps)

Step 03. Now you have to draw a character or anything you wish 

  • The onion option is one of the best options available here. You can easily enable it or disable it using the three dots that are on the right corner. The onion tool shows you the previous frames that you used earlier in creating animation on your screen. Using that, you can easily create the other movement of your character. 

Step 04. Now you can easily tween it using the lasso tool or selection tool.

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