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Animation Desk can be introduced to you as a professional application that uses to make anime videos, GIFs, images using a pencil sketch. Animation Desk is an essential app for Animation video creators. This cannot be called only an anime creating application because this application also offers you cloud storage, file converters, and many more. Animation desk is offered by Kdan Mobile Software Ltd. and has officially released on the 19th of April 2016. There are over 1million user downloads to this app, which evidently proves that there are one million people who like to make creative videos using this Animation Desk anime creating application.

Animation Desk

What is Animation Desk

This is way more compatible with any platform such as Android, IOS, MAC OS, and Windows. This is a powerful app where you can import Photoshop files and edit them using your mobile device. This is a unique facility to this Animation Desk application. You cannot experience this facility in any other anime creating apps.

Animation Desk Download

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Amazing Features of the App

  • You can edit frames according to your likes and dislikes. You can adjust certain things in frames such as size, how much time to show the frame, and many more. You can separately adjust them.
  • There are unique tags where you can use to identify the frames in your animation. 
  • You can rotate your canvas to any angle. Besides, you can zoom in and zoom out the places you want to view specially.
  • You can add any favorite music you like, your voice records and clips to the anime characters, and make it more professional.
  • Drawing Tools
  • There are different types of brushes, patterns, erasers where you can take a way better experience than a real brush. You can change and customize the brush according to your need by the settings. You can use the same brush customizing it to any patterns.
  • You can make movements to each animation. By using the Online Skin feature, you can create anime characters with a realistic effect. It helps you to create your drawing more natural than cartoonish. 
  • Animation Desk provides you with many selecting tools to edit specific parts of your animation using these selecting tools.
  • Another advanced feature of this Animation Desk is that you can use any number of layers while creating the anime character. There are many blending modes to the layers, and you can even change the opacity. You can also import Photoshop layers.
  • There’s a color palette with thousands of colors where you can make any color you would like to assign to your creation. You can also use the brushes and tools to adjust the shadows and stuff and make your anime character look more natural.

animation desk

Animation Export Settings

You can export your animation in any type you want. It does not matter whether it is a video file or a GIF file. You can also import your animation as an image. You can select the specific frame and turn it into an image, and import.

Subscription Service

Animation Desk has a subscription service called Creativity 365 Subscription Service where it offers cloud storage. You can store your animations in that cloud up to 1Tb. You can access your animation, which you save in the cloud through any device by logging in to the cloud.


Animation Desk is a fantastic app to create animation as same as the flipaclip app. This also can be used as a mind relaxing thing to do when you are bored. This is an excellent chance to show up your creativity to the world. After downloading and installing the application, you should permit access to certain areas of your device, such as Contacts, Location, and Storage. You can disable the permissions from settings if you want to, but if you do, you won’t be able to experience all the performances given by the application. It is not a harmful application since it has been verified in Google Play Protect. So don’t hesitate to permit access. Let the Animation Desk pop up your creativity. Draw some and let the world know your creativity.

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