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Are you looking for the best animation creator to start your animating journey? Then look no further than FlipaClip 2D Animation Creator for your Android. The app has many user-friendly and advanced features to make animations easier but more professional. Creating cartoons, short stories, memes, and all the other animation creations is simple like never before thanks to this nice animation creator FlipaClip. If you are interested in this app and want to know more, this article covers the most common questions about the app and their answers. By going through this sure you can have a clear knowledge about the FlipaClip app.

flipaclip faq

FlipaClip FAQs

Here are some of the common questions about the app FlipaClip that you would like to know the answers to.

Is FlipaClip free to use?

You will be happy to know that there is a free version of the app with basic and essential animation tools. But there is a paid version with some in-app purchases as well with much more advanced and powerful features.

What are the limitations of the free version of FlipaClip

If you are going to use the free version of the app you will have to face some limitations. Some of these limitations to be mentioned include:

  • The pressure-sensitive stylus support is not available.
  • You can make only three art layers. But the pro version allows you to make up to 10 art layers.
  • The project length is limited.
  • Export resolutions are also limited here.
  • Watermark is there in the exported animations.
  • The FlipaClip subscribers will get updated on new features frequently.

How do I upgrade to FlipaClip Plus?

flipaclip plus

There is a paid upgrade version of the app. FlipaClip Plus. You can upgrade to FlipaClip Plus for more advanced features and to remove some limitations. Upgrading to the Plus version has to be done with in-app purchases. Simply open your FlipaClip app and tap the 💎 icon on the right side of the screen. Then you can see all the subscription models with respective features included. Select the best model for you and subscribe to the app for an enhanced animating experience.

What file formats can I export my animations in with FlipaClip?

In FlipaClip you can export your creations in various file formats. This includes MP4, GIF, and also PNG formats. This feature offers the flexibility in exporting and sharing the animations the way you want.

Can I add sound effects and music to my animations in FlipaClip?

FlipaClip offers the room to add sound effects and music to your animations to make them more creative. If you want you can try recording your voice to use as the dialog in your animation. Or else if you want to you can import audio from your library.

How do I draw smooth lines and curves in FlipaClip?

You can use the stabilizer feature of the FlipaClip to draw smooth lines and curves. There is a stabilizer for almost all the brushes included in the app. If the stabilizer value is higher that means there will be a smoother line. You can access the stabilizer by following the steps ‘Brush selection < tap on the arrow at the right side of the brush name < Pen Settings < Stabilizer. Customize the stabilizer the way you want.

Can I collaborate with others on animations in FlipaClip?

This is another nice feature of the app. Using FlipaClip you can collaborate with other app users. There is an option for real-time collaboration included in the app. By tapping in this option, you can see what others are doing with the projects.

Are there any FlipaClip tutorials or resources available?

There are several FlipaClip tutorials or resources you can have access to. One of the major sources you can refer to is the official website of FlipaClip https://flipaclip.com/. Or else you can refer to other online resources like YouTube for more tutorials.

My FlipaClip animation isn’t playing smoothly. How can I fix it?

When the Frames Per Second (FPS) value of your video is not consistent there may be some errors occurring when playing the animation. The animation will not play smoothly if you have this issue. Hence to make your animation play smoothly you can try adjusting the FPS value of the animation. With higher FPS value you have to draw more drawings. But your animation will look smooth.

I’m facing a technical issue with FlipaClip. What should I do?

If you face a technical issue, it is better to check the free storage space of the device. If your device does not have enough storage space then sometimes you will face technical issues like app crashing, lagging, etc. Also, you have to check the processing power of the RAM as well. If your device has less processing power then sometimes you cannot carry on with some complex animation projects. So, better to go with simple projects.

Also, you can disable the function ‘Canvas Rotation’ from the FlipaClip settings. Moreover, you can select simple canvases rather than larger ones when starting your projects and you can try deleting unwanted layers from your project.

What to do if I cannot download FlipaClip from Play Store?

If you cannot download the app from your Google Play Store then simply you can go for alternatives sources. The best alternative source is the official website for FlipaClip. just visit the website, locate the download link and get the app downloaded.
FlipaClip is one of the best 2D animation creators to have on your Android. The app also received the title ‘App of the Year’ gathering countless users all around the world. Hence, give a try to this nice tool to make all your animation imaginations come true in a miraculous way.

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