Flipaclip Pro APK 3.9.0 Download | Cartoon Animation Creator [140MB]

Flipaclip is an interesting drawing tool and cartoon animation creator. This is the best way to create 2D animations and cartoons from your android and iOS mobile device.. Although the tool is comprehensive, it is a user-friendly, fast, convenient, and very simple tool that comes with thousands of different and featured tools.


You can download Flipaclip app from below download links for free. You can also download latest version flipaclip apk file from our download page. After that follow step by step installation guide provided. Flipaclips app can be downloaded from Applinked too. To install the store, you need the APK file. Applinked APK download and side-load it easily

What is Flipaclip?

Are you wondering to find the best app to create animations? Then Flipaclip is the best and most recommended app that brings life to your dreams. Flipaclip is a fun and enjoyable animation tool that allows users to easily create animations using frame by frame changes. Now you can easily download and install Flipaclip App and join the community of best artists and animators. Hereafter you can create plenty of animations using your android, iOS, and PC devices.

After creating your animations, then you can share them on social media to make sharing globally. Here you can use Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, or other popular platforms. You can get inspiration from FlipaClip animations. While you are using FlipaClip for animating, learning, storyboarding, or sketching, here the tool provides you with the best drawing experience with animating feature. These intuitive controllers simply allow users to learn to be powerful and bring new ideas for creations.

Users who are interested in using this application can learn to create animations using several frames that can easily draw pictures and turn them into animations and gifs. The best thing is, here you can easily create a rotoscope by drawing over those videos. Finally, users have the freedom to create the best videos without any mess.

Flipaclip APK Download

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App NameFlipaclip
Apk size89 MB
Latest version3.4.4
Developer Visual Blasters LLC
Download LinkFlipaclip download

Download and install Flipaclip latest version for android

Now android users can easily follow below simple instructions to download the latest Flipaclip app directly from our website. Here you have to download the Flipaclip apk file for Android smartphone. The overall process is trustworthy and it is completely free.

Step 01. As the first step, download the latest Flipaclip apk file. You can download APK file from the above download links. It allows you to directly download it for your android smartphone. The application takes several seconds to complete the download process.

flipaclip download

Step 02. Now you have to open the device settings. Then go to the settings menu. After that, tap on the security settings. Now it is necessary to enable the “unknown sources” option. Otherwise, you will receive an error message while the installation.

flipaclip unknown sources

Step 03. After the above process, you have to open the earlier downloaded Flipaclip apk file. Tap on the install option to begin the Flipaclip installation.

flipaclip install

Step 04. Here users have to agree with terms and conditions. If not, the installation may be stopped. Click on ‘Agree’, and then the process will continue.

flipaclip installing

Step 05. Finally, after all the installation successfully completed.

flipaclip app


Now Flipaclip installed successfully. Nearly it takes 20 -40 seconds for the installation and completes the process. Now you can begin to create your most favorite animation or cartoon character using this amazing Flipaclip application. This is amazing and the best way to time pass in the afternoons.

More about FlipaClip

If you are looking to create the most amazing animations using the FlipaClip application, it comes with everything that you need to use in creating animations. The major function is, here you can create frames to design several lays and connect them to design your animation. If you are a new user for animation creating, now you can use FlipaClip as it comes with all the indispensable features that required to begin animating. You can draw multiple cartoons on the frame by frame method and give life for them. Here you can add several audios and make them meaningfully. Then you can share them globally.

FlipaClip performances

When you successfully download and install the FlipaClip app, to begin it open then app first. Now you can see a blank canvas when the beginning of the process. This is your area and you are free to do drawings here. Now you can use any type of brushstrokes, several colors and give life to the designed drawings. Here you can let your imagination to run wild.

FlipaClip is the best way for users those who are looking for tools to create your own sketches, making fun videos, and vignettes. You can use any tool for drawings and draw anything on canvas using those tools. Design it on several layers to make your gif or animation. Then you can use intuitive functions to make it more adorable.

The other important thing is, in the FlipaClip application it adds an animation system. Here you can add something new through this system and modifying your animations. In the animation system, you can find digital pens. FlipaClip totally gives users an enjoyable time and users can easily save time and their effort . this is because of the multiple ranges of tools.

The latest FlipaClip version

With several improvements, FlipaClip application modifying. So several updates came with earlier FlipaClip versions and you can recently find the new version of FlipaClip. All the android and iOS users have the freedom to freely download the new version and this is the FlipaClip version 2.4.7. It is a quick bugfix update and released last July 2021.

Such as the earlier times, FlipaClip support android 4.4 and upper versions. The new release, it includes the improved new splash intro vide. In the new settings menu, you turn this facility OFF, if you feel this is no need or useless. Here the auto-saved function improved and you can find several improvements for errors and minor storage warnings. The newly improved SonarPen Calibration screen. So now it helping users to do a great job to calibrate it. And also you can find several bug fixes.

Top Features of the FlipaClip

FlipaClip APP includes several features and those features increase the tool performances. While the other tools some of the basic tools freely support for drawings and creating animations. Let’s see some of those interesting features included in the FlipaClip application.

Multiple drawing tools:

  • Several brushes, Fill, Lasso, Eraser, insert Text and Ruler shapes,
  • Canvas sizes are customizable
  • Support Samsung S Pen and SonarPen are supported.

Several animation layers

  • Up to 3 layers available free
  • Pro version supports up to add 10 layers

Several animation tools

  • Animating with frame-by-frame
  • Practical tools
  • Intuitive animation timeline
  • Onion skin tool
  • Overlay grids
  • Frames viewer

Add audio

  • Support to add audios
  • Support to edit several audio clips
  • Add dialogue
  • Import audio files

Insert images and videos

  • Animate images
  • Add rotoscopes

Movie making

  • Ability to save those animated movies in GIF or MP4 formats
  • PNG sequences
  • Transparency supported.
  • Ability to share on YouTube.

Share movies

  • Share animations
  • Post to YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook


Are you interested in creating cartoons and animated characters? Then now you can use the FlipaClip PC version as well. Such as with your mobile devices, now users have the freedom to use it with your PCs. Here such as android and iOS, now you can directly download FlipaClip for windows and mac operating systems.

Users those who draw cartoons as their hobby or profession now both users have the freedom to use it. This is a fantastic application and this is the best way to create something new and creative using your digital devices, so no need any more pencils, papes, crayons, or your drawing book. Try it with a smartphone or laptop.

For the professional-looking creations, this is the best solution and finally, you can use FlipaClip with your smartphone and with your PC devices.

Reasons to use FlipaClip

As we know, FlipaClip is the most comfortable animation creator that supports for your android, iOS, and other PC devices. Users can freely download the application from the internet and the process is just simple. For creating animations, now there are plenty of apps available on the internet. Among those apps, FlipaClip is the most recommended application. There are reasons to use this app. Among those reasons, some of them are listed below.

  • Ability to create animations from the beginning of the app interface
  • This is a completely free application
  • FlipaClip is reliable and user-friend;y
  • Just a simple application
  • Save created videos on your device
  • Ability to share created videos on social media
  • Can use onion layers
  • Professional environment
  • Ability to select specific frames in several rates
  • Include over 100 color varieties in-app settings
  • Include system animation
  • Can select several types of tools including brushes with multiple sizes.
  • Select file that stored in your device gallery
  • Capture photo
  • Application support in the English language. It will support some other languages as well with upcoming updates.

Download and install Flipaclip for Pc

As above mentioned, we cannot directly download Flipaclip application for my PC. Here we have to use an android supported mobile emulator first. Then you can install Flipaclip for your pc just within a few seconds.

For Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7, and macOS devices you can easily download the application. But here you have to follow the below-mentioned steps. Use Nox player emulator, as the supported mobile emulator.

Step 01. Download and install the Nox player emulator to your pc.

Step 02. Now users have to open the Google Play store. Then create a supported play store account using your mail. After creating the account you have to search “Flipaclip”.

Step 03. Browse Flipaclip apk file and download the latest Flipaclip apk file. Then begin the Flipaclip install process via Nox player.

Step 04. Tap on Flipaclip application and then select install.

Users have another way to download Flipaclip applications. Here you can directly download the supported Flipaclip apk file from the internet and begin the installation using a downloaded Nox player.

FAQ’s on FlipaClip

Q1. Does FlipaClip request money?

Answer: FlipaClip application support for both mobile and pc devices. Users have the freedom to directly download FlipaClip apk file or any supported file format directly from the internet and the process is completely free. So users do not need to buy it for money.

But for premium features, you have to upgrade the version and here it costs a one-time payment and it is nearly $15.

Q2. Can you download FlipaClip to your computer?

Answer: Yes, users have the freedom to directly download FlipaClip for both mobile and pc devices. FlipaClip is an amazing application that supports both android, iOS and now for PC devices. However, it is an android based application for cartoon/animation creation, using an android emulator now it is possible to download it for your laptop or PC device.

Q3. It is possible to download FlipaClip on Windows 10?

Answer: Yes. FlipaClip is compatible with windows 10, windows 8, windows 7, and for all. Use bluestacks emulator and download the latest version. Finally, it takes several seconds.

Q4. What is the android compatibility for FlipaClip?

Answer: Here it supports for Android 4.4 and upper versions.

Q5. Is that FlipaClip required rooting?

Answer: No, without roping your android you can download FlipaClip to your mobile phone without any mess.