PicsArt Animator APK Latest version free Download [32MB]

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PicsArt Animator is one of the most popular entertaining applications. Now you can freely download the PicsArt Animator apk file directly from the internet for your android operating system and the process is completely free and reliable. 

picsart animator

PicsArt Animator is the best way to create animations using your smartphone. This is a popular mobile application and released for Android. It easily creates and gives life to your simple drawings. So now you can easily create animations in GIF for video format. 

What is PicsArt Animator?

Now it is possible to keep your personal stuff, which means gallery with fresh and very trendy for social media. The reason for that is, now we can use PicsArt Animator to edit images in your gallery, create animations, and share them on social media without any messing. This is the best and reliable way to edit and create animations and among plenty of different methods for photo editing, this is very important as the PicsArt Animator app is completely unique. 

If you are looking to download PicsArt Animator, use the latest released PicsArt Animator apk version. The reason for that is, it includes plenty of new opportunities and thousands of new features, updated facilities, and modified features. 

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How to use PicsArt Animator?

Here it is a very simple application. After download it, you have to open the app. For that tap on the PicsArt Animator app icon. Now it will open. To start drawings, you have to use your fingers. Using fingers you are free to draw on the canvas or selected blank screen. If not you can do editings using a selected image in your gallery. 

PicsArt Animator includes multiple drawing tools, dozens of customizable brushes color palettes, etc. There are several layer systems and you can work very smoothly while creating animations and correcting mistakes just in seconds. After creating the animations then you can add frame rate. 

Finally, withing a simple time, you can create a wonderful animation. So this one of the most excellent animation editors to create amazing drawings within a short period. 

Features of the PicsArt Animator 

Let’s see some of those highlighted features included in PicsArt Animator. 

  • Can use animated stickers 
  • Allows to add customized movements 
  • Ability to draw animations in frame-by-frame 
  • Animation timeline can scroll within frames
  • Frames support for duplicate, delete, and insert
  • Draw photos
  • Make adorable animated selfies
  • Advanced drawing facilities 
  • Available sketching tools
  • Multiple layers available for those complex animations
  • Control length, speed of the animation 
  • Save animations in video or GIF formats 
  • Share in social networks – YouTube, Facebook, Instagram
  • Voiceovers and Record sounds 
  • Create personal emojis 

picsart animator apk

Technical information – PicsArt Animator 

  • Application name – PicsArt Animator 
  • Application Package Name- com. picsart.animate
  • App License- Free
  • Supported Operating System – Android
  • Requirements – Android 4.0.3 or higher.

Download and install PicsArt Animator for Android 

Now android users can simply download PicsArt Animator for Android devices directly from the internet. For that, they have to follow some instructions. If you planned to download and install PicsArt Animator for android, go through the below instructions. Here you have a responsibility to select a supported web source for this direct download. This process is completely free and reliable.  

  1. In the beginning, here you have to select a reliable web source to download the PicsArt Animator apk file. Fortunately, you have the freedom to directly download the apk file for your mobile device and then the further procedure continues automatically. For the overall process, it takes several seconds.
  2. After the download process is completed, you have to do some changes. Basically, you have to enable the unknown sources option. So open your device settings. Then you have to tap on device security settings. Now enable the unknown sources option. For that put a tick on the Unknown sources option. If not, you will not be able to continue the installation process.  
  3. Now open the downloaded PicsArt Animator apk file. You can find it in the device Downloads folder. Tap on the install option to begin the installation.
  4. Before the installation behind, you have to agree with application terms and conditions. This will help to complete the installation process. So tap on ‘Agree’. 
  5. To complete the process it will take several seconds.  

PicsArt Animator installation is now successfully completed. Nearly it takes 20-30 seconds. Now enjoy the downloaded PicsArt Animator with your smart android device. 

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